The Syed Modi murder case

When Syed Modi, one of India’s best badminton players, was murdered (in 1988), I distinctly remember being disappointed, because it seemed from what I’d read, that in spite of the evidence, the accused were going to get away scot free. Now, that is becoming a reality. The case against another of the prime accused was dismissed a few days ago.

I don’t know if there was sufficient evidence to convict the accused or not, or even whether the accused were guilty. What irks me is that we are not able to carry out a conviction for a murder, 16 years after it happened. That’s sad.

It says volumes about India’s justice system.

— Updated (23 Aug 2009) —

I don’t know what to say about the latest development in this case. Isn’t it sad that it takes 21 years for justice to be done? And, I’m not sure if justice has actually been done given that the main people who were behind the crime (allegedly) walked away unpunished. When we are able to treat everyone as equals under the law, without special concessions made for the rich and powerful, then we’d have made progress in our criminal justice system.


2 thoughts on “The Syed Modi murder case

  1. Entire nation knows that Sanjay Singh and Amita Singh(Ertswhile Syed Modis wife) had conspired and killed him.A accussed can go scot free due to lack of evidence ( by bribing police & magistrates)

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