Hide and Seek

There are two reasons to watch this movie: Dakota Fanning and a chilling story. I think the hairs on the back of my neck were raised about a hundred times. Okay, it was 99.

It’s not a horror movie but the use of light and sound and the crisp scenes make you jump every once in a three minutes. Sets your heart racing every now and then because the movie is real taut.

Dakota Fanning is just superb. I don’t know if the movie was eligible for last year’s Oscar but if it wasn’t, then maybe they should nominate her for next year’s Oscar. She acts beautifully and uses her eyes to convey emotion. You feel sorry for her, then you feel a little uneasy around her, you’re scared of her, and then you feel like protecting her. Amazing little actress and we should be hearing more about her in the near future.

The movie could’ve been a much better if the writer hadn’t used an all too familiar (if you watch as many movies as I do) plot twist. It was that plot twist that disappointed me, only because the rest of the movie was quite well written. Maybe the writer didn’t push to resolve the story. There were times when I felt that the transition between scenes was a bit abrupt but that could just be the Bangalore tendency of chopping movies.

Go watch it just for Dakota Fanning.


Your thoughts?

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