A lounge bar

I went to Taaika (spelling?) last night. This is a relatively “new” place that opened up in Bangalore. My cousin and a couple of friends told me good things about it, but yesterday was the first time I went. Taaika’s on Church street, on the building that houses Fabmall and Atlanta Bread Bar (another new place). The building’s next to the one that has United Colours of Benetton. Taaika’s on the second floor.

First thing I say when I walk in is, This place reminds me of Cosmo Village. I find out later that the place is owned by the same person that owns Cosmo Village. Blink I guess.

The place is huge. Huge is the operative word. When you’re in there, you can get lost. The couches are huge. You can sink into them. The tables are huge. The food portions are not so huge. The lighting is subdued, lots of candles everywhere, some of them huge. They have a dance floor as well.

After a little while of sitting in there, I kinda forgot that I was in Bangalore (in a good kind of way). I could’ve been anywhere. Naaz (an interesting blogger that I heard about recently) puts Tai Ka (her spelling) as the #2 reason why Bangalore is better than Chennai. She writes:

Tai Ka proves that Bangalore is not all hip-hop, and the Dj played some wicked wicked tunes..best I’ve heard since I got back to India (hed kandi rocks!).

I must confess that I didn’t pay much attention to the music. The prices at the place are pretty decent, almost the same that you’d pay at any decent pub.

It’s one of those places that you must visit, if only because it’s so different from any other pub you’ve been to.


Your thoughts?

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