Stuff (mostly stupid) you hear

  1. You must wear these kinds of clothes to work.
  2. You must inform us if you’re going to come late to work. (Feel free not to inform us when you’re working late at the office.)
  3. If you take leave on Friday and Monday, the Saturday and Sunday will be counted too.
  4. That’s the way it’s always been done. (That’s the way it’s done at Big Company Name.)
  5. We are a part of one big family.
  6. It’s not my job.
  7. Why should I wash my cup? (See above) (Yes, the one in which I drank coffee.)
  8. The management doesn’t care about us.
  9. I’ll only work in Java (replace with C++, .NET, ASP, or whatever).
  10. I’ll work hard now when I am young. I’ll enjoy life later.

Your thoughts?

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