The subtle art of giving gifts

In case you heard this late (like me), the word dowry has now been replaced by the word gift. Some of the interesting arguments I’ve heard about gift-giving are:

  1. If we don’t take it (the gift), then they’ll think that something’s wrong with us.
  2. It’s a gift; they are giving it of their own accord.
  3. I didn’t ask for it, I am not going to refuse it if they give it.
  4. That’s the way it is in our community.
I want to take a bat to the head of people who say this, but I am essentially a non-violent person. All these arguments, I hear these, from people who are educated, middle class, and living in cities. What hope is there for the women who live in smaller towns or in villages?

It’s damn frustrating to even think about the whole thing. But, as Edmund Burke said:

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

I’m doing my part by blogging about this.

You do your part too. Speak out against this tradition. And, don’t take or give any gifts when your turn comes.


Your thoughts?

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