How stupid can you get?

Every once in a while, when I’m typing an email (typically a really long one), a browser will crash and I’ll lose the entire email. Yes, it’s happened with Opera,with Internet Explorer, and with Firefox. And it’s happened to me more than once and yet I’ve not learnt my lesson. At least, with Blogger, you can recover a post, if you don’t clear your history or cookies after your browser crashed. I’ve used it and it works.

So, anyway, I was typing this email to an editor and my browser crashed. I feel like hitting my head against my table, but instead of self-inflicted pain, I’m blogging about it. Self-humiliation maybe?

Will I stop typing in my web-based email clients? Probably not. Maybe for the bigger emails but for the smaller ones, it’s too inconvenient to type in an editor, and copy paste into the web-based email that I use. Yes, I know all about email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook.

When I was writing this post, an interesting thought occurred to me. If Blogger can have a recover post option, what’s up with Google and Yahoo not providing one?

I’m going back to re-typing my email to the editor, this time in a text editor. If the text editor crashes, well, it’s just not my day.


Your thoughts?

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