Phenom’s Unbound

Phenom is a rock band in Bangalore (and I’m a dolt for missing them for so long) that I heard about from Atul Chitnis, but didn’t bother to check out until a few days ago. I downloaded a song (Unbound) from their album Unbound and I loved it. Super guitars, lovely vocals and keyboard, and they sound polished and tight. I’m downloading the rest as we speak.

Here’s some info about Phenom from their website:

When someone asked Phenom how they got their name, lead vocalist and bassist Gaurav answered “as a college band, we didn’t have a name, so our audiences named us Phenom, and the name stuck”.

This, in a way, symbolises the laid-back approach Phenom has towards this whole “band business” – focussing intensely on their music, and less bothered about the trappings and publicity parts.

Hope to catch them live sometime.


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