Address changes and Citibank

40 days.

It’s been 40 days since I gave in an address change request to Citibank and it’s still not been done. Actually, it was done, and Citibank messed it up again. So, my day counter is back in action again.

Citibank discourages you from going to their office. Almost all the transactions have to be done either by phone or online. They discourage you by charging you if you go to a bank for a transaction. Almost everything is electronic.

How do you change your address then?

I said almost! You write a good ol’ fashioned letter. And, since their head-office is in Chennai, you either drop it off in their Bangalore office (MG road) or you mail it to them in Chennai.

They lost a letter of mine that I dropped off.

Also, they don’t do changes in their Bangalore office. They send it to Chennai. So what needs to take less than a day takes about four to five working days. Why? Because I guess that the “system” (or database) is in Chennai. Wow, all this from a global bank.

You can transfer funds from your accounts, you can order demand drafts, you can pay anyone, you can do almost anything online from your Citibank account, but you can’t change your address. Apparently, your money is not as well guarded as your address.

Your account is guarded by a telephone PIN, an ATM PIN, and an Internet Banking PIN. I wonder if they’ll have an address change PIN soon. It’d make things less complicated than this for sure.


12 thoughts on “Address changes and Citibank

  1. ITs a very very worst bank i have ever seen. The phone banking officers wont give proper responses and if they want to connect to another person they will ask as to wait more than 10 minutes (same song will come all our phone banking officers are busy talking to other customers wait for 4 minutes 58 seconds…then thats it u have to wait more than 10 minutes and after a long wait at the correct 1 minute gap the call will get automatically disconnected)………waste people

  2. I can emphatise. I’ve been trying to get the address of another account changed and I’ve been going around in circles. The Citibank people have no problem debiting my account for the charge but change of address, it seems there’s a signature problem or something. I’m seriously considering cancelling my account but I hold on to it probably because it’s easier.

    When will companies learn?

  3. Citibank really is kinda awesome with its services. The ppl tat sit in their branch offices are also not quite familiar with the rules n regulations(Hyd Secundarabad Office , in my case).They put me in trouble 2wice and still it needs to be sorted out.Its really a pain in arse to sort out the issue now!

  4. I have relocated myself from Chembur to Ambernath. Kindly request you to change my address and update in your system as well.

    My A/C No:

    My new address is as below:

  5. Ms. Pillai: I deleted your account number and address from the comment you posted. I have nothing to do with Citibank and posting your Bank account number on an unknown website is an invitation for trouble.

    Please visit the Citibank website and contact a representative directly.

    • Hi Jasmine
      Please note the following
      1) This post is 7 years old
      2) This post is regarding Citibank India, not Citibank Singapore
      3) The writer has nothing to do with Citibank
      4) Posting your personal information online is quite dangerous

  6. I want to change my address , Phone numbers and e-mail address in my 7-8 years old credit card for further transactions and communications.but sorry to note that in spite of several and various efforts no proper response and being asked for password , user Id , Registered phone no as well as registered e-mail ID, In fact all the old details under question are available with me , some are forgotten and some are taken back by the provider agency. Now i forced to torn the card ,surrender and stop all the business and transactions with the bank.

    Still I am waiting for any response from bank side to be continue….
    Shivnath singh dhaka
    098981 60769

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