Shiok, it’s different and it’s delicious

If you like Oriental food, Shiok is a place you must visit. Madhu’s restaurant serves up dishes like you’ve never tasted before–at least not in India. The restaurant is a nice, comfortable place to enjoy a good meal.

I’ve had Madhu’s Thai red curry both times that I’ve visited his restaurant and I recommend the dish. This time around, I tried the Drunken noodles (chicken). Flat noodles (not pasta!), Chinese style–superb. I also tried the rice wine ginger soup (don’t remember the exact name) which was a clear soup, where you could taste the wine and the strips of ginger added to the already flavoursome soup. Good again. There’s also stuff for vegetarians on the menu.

Here’s what Madhu (better known as MadMan) writes on the Shiok website:

“Shiok” (pronounced ‘she-oak’) is a Malaysian-Singaporean slang word roughly meaning “damn good”, “heavenly” or “yummy” that is a common expression of their love of good food. We try to recreate the same Asian magic in our kitchen.

I’ll attest to that–the food was yummy. Go try it. Shiok’s on CMH road in Indiranagar. Visit the website for directions.


4 thoughts on “Shiok, it’s different and it’s delicious

  1. Never been to Shiok…would love to go there next time I’m in Bangalore. For a food junk like me, there arent many sites that are resourceful about restaurants. Most havent been updated since 2000!! So, I kind of missed out on good food.
    The site’s been fixed up….it should be working now :D

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