Meeting fans at concerts

I went to the Mark Knopfler concert in Bangalore alone. I met three guys there and I met them again at the Joe Satriani concert (alone again because my friend was sick and couldn’t make it), so this time we hung out together. At the Satriani concert, I met five or six more people, including one American from Annapolis, Maryland, who’s working with an NGO in Bangalore! I also met a guy from a band called Shrapnel, a heavy metal band, whose songs you can hear here.

There was something about this Satriani concert though–all the fans were friendly and the atmosphere was really nice. We shared sips of water and Red Bull, whenever we were able to get a little “donated” to us.

Maybe music does bring people together and in a broad sense so does art.


5 thoughts on “Meeting fans at concerts

  1. yeah, 9000 people or so….wasn’t it?
    It did bring in 9000 fans together and its more than what I expected for Satriani’s concert in Bangalore…..well done Bangalore!

  2. I don’t know the exact figure but it must’ve been either that or more. The energy of the crowd was amazing. To stand in the hot sun and then jump up and down and cheer and chant, that takes a lot out of you. I’m still nursing a headache!

  3. Hey Percy,

    It’s me Vishwas …..remember Maheshwar, Nikhil and Vishwas. Hey dude …awesome report on the show….it was like reliving those moments. Hey, myself, Mahesh and Nikhil jammed up yesterday. We remembered u….nevermind gimme u r number…..will call ya for the next jam session. My num – 080-26601432 email –, Mahesh’s num – 9880066445. Send the show pics to my mail as soon as u get it.

    OK dude keep postin.

    Vishwas Bharadwaj

  4. Deepak, I didn’t post names (like I was telling Vishwas on email) because I was writing on the web but I guess you guys wouldn’t have minded if I had posted your names :). I agree with you; Satriani was simply awesome. I think the entire experience was something that I’ll never forget!

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