VH1 — Behind The Music and more

If you’re a fan of rock music (mostly) and love to know about the people behind the bands, VH1’s Behind the Music is the show for you. I just saw the Bon Jovi story and I enjoyed it. You learn a lot about the bands, the people behind the band, the (mostly) tragic stories, and the show is put together quite nicely.

VH1 plays a lot of the rock classics and does not play any Indian music. If you’re sick of hearing the same stuff on MTV India, Channel V, and the other music channels, this is a channel you must watch.

And, if you’re not getting VH1, go and hit your cable operator on the head with a rock or something.


One thought on “VH1 — Behind The Music and more

  1. Absolutely agree. Last 2-3 months, VH1 has been the default channel i tune into when i’m back home from work. They usually have a decent mix of music, except late night hours when they somehow drift into hip-hop(not exactly my fav), but i guess they have their fanbase :)

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