Shrapnel’s Intellectual Pursuit

If you’re a heavy metal fan, Shrapnel is a band that you must check out. Even if you don’t like metal a great deal (I’m one of those heathens), it’s worth checking out the songs because Shrapnel’s put together a decent collection of original music. And these guys are still in college!

Here are some thoughts on the songs that I liked. Keep in mind that I’m not all that much into metal. Also, check out the song samples for yourself and make up your own mind.

When Doubt Takes Over starts with a lovely riff and the tension built up continued through. I loved the thrash-metal kind of sound on this song and I liked the lyrics too.

What do you do when you become your worst enemy?
Your constant paranoia affects your sanity,
You’ve worked so hard to be the person that you are
You feel like giving up, the end seems so far

Deep, huh?

Catharsis starts off nice and slow, gives you an almost surreal feeling in the intro. Then, the distortion guitar pierces through. I liked this one the best.

The only slightly negative observation that I had was that the drums didn’t really sound like they were a part of the music, in the sense that the drums stood out from the guitars and the bass. It’s probably my speakers!

To find out how you can buy Shrapnel’s music, go to their Store. The price (at least in India) is Rs. 100 and you get a lot more than just a CD. Yeah, I’ll be getting an album in the near future.

And, maybe, get to see them live sometime.

PS: My friend (we refer to him as God), who’s an amazing guitarist, remarked yesterday that Shrapnel is a great name for a band and I agree. It’s a kick-ass name.

PPS: I could be wrong but I felt that the sound on Perspective Intolerance had a Randy Rhoads kinda edge to it.


5 thoughts on “Shrapnel’s Intellectual Pursuit

  1. I heard the samples, and liked them. Great work, Deepak. :-)
    I have one problem though. Can’t order the CD’s, ‘coz there is no one to pick it up @ home and @ can’t get it delivered to the office. :-(

  2. Hey

    Yeah we later realised that there is a band in the US called Shrapnel, but it wasnt much of a surprise as deep down we knew someone else would have picked that name as well. The Shrapnel dudes in the US were nice enough to sign our guestbook and leave some encouraging words

    About the cds, yes not finding it in Planet M is a pain, but then again we couldnt afford all that label mumbo jumbo and the 40% cut that Planet M takes. Being college students spending 90,000 bucks on the album was quite a task in itself and we couldnt afford any more losses.

    Well Percy thanks a lot for the kind words, where did you manage to listen to those tracks?

    If you liked those tracks I can stake my life on the fact that you’ll like the album, and am I allowed to say you wouldn’t find a better packaged album by an Indian Rock band ;) ?

  3. Deepak, I heard the tracks (samples) on your website. And yes, I will buy a CD. I’m just not ordering right now because I’m not sure when I’ll be home and I might be out of town. Will order a CD for sure. I want a nice keychain ;-).

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