Rave on Indian Rock and Indian Idol

I had mentioned Rave India sometime back on this blog. I just read two articles on their website and enjoyed them both.

The first one’s called The Year of Indian Rock and talks primarily about TAAQ and Pralay (I’d never heard of them before) but mentions a lot of other bands as well. Here’s an excerpt:

A few months back, when Uday Benegal made the alarming prediction that Indian rock was dying, we decided to hitch a ride with the paramedics to check out what was really happening. Though he was right on many counts, we found out Uday was wrong about the death of Indian rock. It is alive and kicking serious butt.

The second one’s about Abhijeet Sawant, the Indian Idol, and is nice, feel-good story about the guy. Heck, I should buy his album, but since he’s doing so well, I figure I’ll support the lesser-known bands.

But, I think I should subscribe to Rave. If only I can get away from this computer.


2 thoughts on “Rave on Indian Rock and Indian Idol

  1. Farah Khan and she’s nothing like Paula Abdul. I saw the show a couple of times, and I felt that it was nowhere as entertaing as American Idol. Simon Cowell, for all his prejudices, makes for great TV. There’s nobody like that on Indian Idol. Annu Malik was supposed to be the man, but he’s no Simon Cowell.

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