‘S’ Under The Stars & Local Vocals

I did go to Barista last evening. (I’m a sucker for live music.)

The great mystery was solved. In ‘S’ Under The Stars, Sushma’s the vocalist and Shwetha’s the guitarist and vocalist. Shwetha’s acoustic guitar had a nice tone and she played some nice rhythms that set my feet tapping. Sushma’s got a voice that was a bit shrill sometimes but the girl has quite the range. The best sound from the band was when they had one performing harmonies and the other with lead vocals (they switched in some songs which was novel). My favourites–Black Velvet, One of Us, Angel, and Stupid Cupid. The disappointment–they only performed covers. They do have talent though, I was really impressed with Sushma’s vocals.

Then, there was this other band called Local Vocals, which is a band from Christ college. They came in during a break and kicked ass. Three vocalists and one guitarist, who had a nice rhythm going (reminded me of Ice-cream man by Van Halen) on one of the song. They sang in Tamil, they sang in Hindi, they sang in English, they had fun and they made the crowd laugh. And they sounded different, good different.

I spoke to one of the guys in the band and he told me that they’re playing their last concert next Saturday, June 18th, in the Coffee Day at Cunningham road. (Nope, I can’t give you directions.) At 6.00 — 6.30 pm is what he said. I’m going to try and make it because I’ve not heard a band that sounds like them.


3 thoughts on “‘S’ Under The Stars & Local Vocals

  1. Coffee Day, Cunningham Road on the 18th? Well, that’s right across the road to me. I am looking @ it right now. :D
    Well, I am gonna try & make it too….

  2. Simple. Get to Indian Express from MG Road, ask anyone for Cunningham Road, opposite to Food world is Coffee Day. BTW, I thought you knew how to get there. :D

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