Alicia’s Story

Alicia Parlette, a copy-editor at San Francisco Chronicle, wrote a story about her cancer and San Francisco Chronicle carried it as a seven-part series last week. Here are some excerpts from chapter 1.

On March 2, I found out I had cancer. I was 23 and on my own in San Francisco.

I was also trying to get comfortable with life. Three years earlier, my mom had died of cancer, and I was still learning how to live without her.

Here’s a report on Alicia by ABC News.

PS: This one I found through Dan Gillmor’s blog.

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3 thoughts on “Alicia’s Story

  1. An inspiring – albiet unfortunate – series of events will unfold. My step-mom, my aunt, and my grandma have battled cancer. My grandfather – survived a heart attack. Now, some would say we’re unhealthy…me, I say fortunate. I get to see, watch, learn, observe, and grow.

    Have things changed? Sure…I call my mom more, I relax more, I spend more time just looking at my wife. I wish Alicia the absolute best…

  2. That seems like a lot of stuff to go through. I was wondering, after reading your comment, why our perspective changes when a loved one falls sick or when tragedy befalls us. Maybe it’s because we are reminded of our own mortality, something that most people don’t even give a thought to?

  3. I want to say thanks for posting this. The emotions are so close.

    And its not only our mortality Percy, its about how fickle all life is. How someone you love can be taken away from you in moments. A slight breeze is all it takes sometimes to blow the light out. Death is difficult to deal with, but its the thought of existance(before or after death ) without the ones you love which is tougher to digest. We all are selfish and dont want to think of lives without our loved ones. But lose we will and we do. All we can do is love, like there is no tomorrow.

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