Le Fete De Musique

So, I don’t know French all that well. But, I do know (or so I think) that Alliance Francaise (in Bangalore) is having their (annual?) festival of music this Saturday (18th June) from 6.00 pm onwards (I think). Zebediah Plush is one of the bands that’s supposed to play. I can’t remember the other bands. Not that they are not worth remembering, I just can’t remember.

There’s a reason I’m giving you such precise details. A friend and I were walking on Brigade road, and I saw this poster lying on the footpath. I don’t normally pick up posters, but this looked interesting, so I picked it up and realised that it was a poster for the Alliance Francaise music festival. Okay, so everything else but the title was written in English. In spite of being tempted, I didn’t roll the poster up and put it in my bag. If I’d done that, I could’ve told you the names of all the bands. I left it in a nice place though, where someone else could do what I didn’t.

You’ll can contact Alliance for more information. I’m sure they’ll give you the correct information. Hopefully.


Your thoughts?

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