Delectable West Indian Food

My friend Max (name changed ever so slightly) told me the other day that I should be writing about restaurants on this blog and I realised that I hadn’t done enough of that. So, Max, this one’s for you.

If you’ve never tried West Indian food or if you have and love it, then you must go to Sue’s Place. (Even the West Indian team ate there on their last tour to India.)

The buffets at Sue’s Place are a feast with something for everyone. You start off with a soup and if that’s not your thing, go for the salads. Sue’s makes some of the best salads I’ve eaten. You have a range of salads, from plain veggie salads to egg salads to chicken salads. Hope you’ve got some more room because we’re just getting started.

This past Sunday, they had fish cutlets and some pork ribs. The cutlets were good, the ribs were divine. The meat was tender, not overcooked (I don’t know how they do it) and delicious. Then, there was jerk chicken, which is a slow-cooked West Indian chicken (another delicious dish), and crab curry. All ye crab lovers, knock yourselves out.

They had a vegetable biryani and plain rice to go with the gravy. There were a few vegetarian dishes as well, but I didn’t taste a single one. Where’s the space for so much stuff anyway?

I must not forget to mention the fried banana. Sweet, succulent bananas, deep fried, should’ve been a dessert. (This place is not for people who want to lose weight.)

I’m probably missing something, but this is not a menu right?

The dessert was a kind of chocolate cake-fudge, which was slightly warm and chewy. Yum. The piece de resistance was the coconut custard pudding (I’m making up the name here) which tasted like a mix of sweet tender coconut water and caramel custard, without the caramel. I had about 8 slices.

The cost of this buffet? Rs. 200 + taxes. Quite reasonable for the amount of choices and the quality of the food.

Sue’s Place has a buffet every day (lunch) and for dinner on Friday and Saturday. They also have a kick-ass menu, which has dishes like Trinidadi Dal Roti with different curries and a number of chicken and fish dishes.

If you’re going for the first time, I recommend the buffet. There’s a lot of stuff to be tried and you can sample different kinds of food and get a taste for some wonderful West Indian food.

Sue’s Place is in Indiranagar, off 100 Feet road. You can call them and ask for directions because it’ll take me a few lines to explain and you’ll probably get lost anyway. The number is (080) 2525 2494.


2 thoughts on “Delectable West Indian Food

  1. They eat biryani and roti in West Indies or is it the Indianised West Indies food or did you just describe it that way? No matter if the music festival has ended but the restaurant is gonna be there. Thanks for this one! :)

  2. You’re welcome. The roti thing I think it’s West Indian, because it’s unlike anything I’ve eaten in India. Biryani, I am not so sure. I think that there is an Indian connection to the food.

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