Windsor, The Pub

It’s amazing that you (I) can live in a city for four years and not know of the existence of a restaurant, one that serves delicious food.

Which brings me to reason no. 17999 of why you should have friends. Friends will tell you about good restaurants and take you there.

My friend Yogi suggested Windsor, The Pub, last night and I had a great time there. As far as I am aware there is no connection between this restaurant and Windsor Manor, which is a five star hotel.

Since my friend had been there, he suggested the Jerky Long Horn (I hope I got the name right), which was thin strips of meat (I decline to name the animal, wink, wink), nice and tender, with a lovely cream-coloured dip. Fabulous.

We also had the Malabar chicken, which was spicy, chicken, with the predominant flavour of cloves. Ahh. We also had spicy pork sausages were actually pork frankfurters fried with pepper and onions. (For the record, you get way better sausages in Hyderabad than in Bangalore. Come to Hyderabad and I’ll prove it.)

After all those starters, we still had space for dinner, and we ordered a fish curry and two varieties of chicken curry. In Windsor, they’ll serve you a choice of apams, parota (the Kerala kind), or sannas, so we had all three.

That stuff was good too but it was blown away by the spicy chilli garlic toast. (I don’t have the menu with me, so please don’t shoot me if the name is not exactly right when you visit the restaurant.) I took a bite and the flavour of the cheese exploded on to my tongue. And what a lovely explosion it was! If you happen to go there, please try this dish without fail and save me a couple of slices.

So, it was an extremely satisfying meal, and though the music was at times slightly louder than I’d like, I’d love to go there again.

Windsor, The Pub, is in Vasanthnagar, in Bangalore.

PS: The restaurant’s name sounds like a Hindi movie title with those English sub-titles.


5 thoughts on “Windsor, The Pub

  1. Was there yesterday, took your suggestino and ordered the Spicy Chilli Toast (now called the Chilli Cheese toast), and man, you could not be more correct. :-)

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