Zebediah Plush’s music

I wonder why I talk about bands and mention their website but fail to download music. (Duh!)

I downloaded two songs of Zebediah Plush from their website and a couple of clips. (Click on the downloads hyperlink at the top of the page.)

I like the way they sound. I should be there tonight at Alliance to listen to them live. (Touchwood.)

Also, their first album is called Afterlaughs (Rs. 150 only), which I guess explains the name of tonight’s show. Here’s what they say about the name of the album:

The title “Afterlaughs” is a tribute to the band’s ineffable infatuation with bad punning, atrocious humour and laughing at life in retrospect.

If I hear them tonight, you’ll hear about it soon enough.


Your thoughts?

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