Buffet lunch at Indy Joe’s

(I can’t believe that I’ve not blogged about this yet.)

The buffet lunch at Indy Joe’s (Carlton Towers, Airport road, Bangalore) is a good deal, especially if you like salads, Italian food, and (or) Oriental food. They have a couple of salads, some Italian dishes, and some Chinese/Thai dishes. They also have a pizza (thin crust but under a heating lamp), two soups, breads, some cold cuts, and sometimes a desi dish. All for the reasonable price of Rs. 155 or whereabouts.

Leave some room for the dessert too. They have ice cream, an Indian dessert, some pastries, fresh fruits, and a souffle or a cheesecake.

Go there slightly before 1.00 p.m. to avoid the buffet traffic.


6 thoughts on “Buffet lunch at Indy Joe’s

  1. The pizza is thin crust, which I like, but they put the pizza under a heating lamp to keep it warm. It makes you (me) wonder about the “freshness” of the pizza. Maybe they should get Malaika Arora to stand next to the pizza or something.

  2. Want to go to Indy Joes. Please read following….
    Its really a hopeless place to go for lunch/dinner. We 20 people from intel went for Lunch on 28/07/2005. Out of 20 7 were not able to come office till tuesday.


    Obviously, food poisoning!! Thanks to Manipal which helped us to get relieve from severe headache, body pain and fever.
    Now decision is urs, want to go to Indy joe ….

    For me or our team.. from now onwards never.

  3. That’s not good. Did you guys call them and let them know? Maybe they will do something about it, or maybe they had a problem that one day.

    I’ve been there three or four times and I’ve been okay, except once, which was because of overeating more than anything. And I’ve known others who’ve eaten there and haven’t had any problems.

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