Irani Chai

If you ever go to Hyderabad and have some free time, visit the Paradise Cafe in Secunderabad. (Ask anyone for directions to Paradise and then ask for Paradise Cafe. They’ll tell you.)

Go to the counter and buy a cup of tea (Rs. 4, the last time I went). You’ll get a green token, which you hand over to the guy standing near the thermos flasks. He’ll give you a plastic “cup” filled with tea. Drink it.

If you’ve ever tasted tea like this before, I’ll eat my hat. (For the record, I don’t wear hats.) Irani chai is one of Hyderabad’s specialities and you get it in many of the cafes (pronounced kay-fss) in Hyderabad.

The tea is aromatic, it’s flavoursome, refreshing, and it sets off music in your head. If you love tea, you’ll probably love Irani chai.

I’m in Hyderabad, so you can bet your behind that I’ll be drinking Irani chai. The biryani at Paradise ain’t too bad either, but that’s another story for another day.


13 thoughts on “Irani Chai

  1. Hey Percy,

    Vishwas here

    what are you doing in hydie man? u shifted base or something? Myself and maheshwar travelling to Hyd on 28th of August. Sso if u are around we ca catch up. What ya say? How’s everything else?

    Take care man. Stay connected.


  2. I have had irani chai at hydie . Must say awesome. Sorry …..have been eating up some posting space…cud have posted in the earlier post itself. Anyways.


  3. Now you’ve got me all interested in this Irani chai. But will you not enlighten on what it tastes like – in real ingredient terms (rather than the enticing adjectives ;)). Is it milky, spicy, what? What spices, if spicy?

  4. It’s milky for sure, but other than that, I can’t really describe it. I wouldn’t call it spicy though, it’s not in the masala tea genre for sure.

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  6. yaar, i have tested it is very good
    but i want to know the origin of this irani chai.

    in particularly about chai masala. i inquired there no such tea in iran.

  7. hei guys, Forget about Paradise tea.. becoz it lost its glory.. but have u ever tasted true irani chai @ Alfa hotel, which is nearly 50 years old and which is opposite to Secunderabad station? If not, I suggest you go there once and have that chai.. Its truly irani chai..

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