Friday Night Jazz at Fusion 9

Fusion 9 is a lovely restaurant in Hyderabad that has a jazz band playing live every Friday night. (Sorry Bangalore folks, we ain’t got one over here.) I went there a couple of weeks ago, primarily because I’m a sucker for live music.

It was raining heavily in Hyderabad and was the worst day to go out, but I still went. The traffic was all clogged and my friend was late, so I sat at the bar. It’s been a while since I sat at the bar, and so it was fun to watch the bartender mix drinks, moving quickly to pour a beer, some whiskey, create a cocktail, etc. The bar area was right in the middle of the restaurant and around it were the tables and the place was pretty full. I’ve never seen so many foreigners in one place in Hyderabad, so I guess the place is popular with the expats. The restaurant is easy on the eyes and is a nice place to spend an evening.

The jazz band that I’d gone to see, they were on a break, which lasted about half an hour. They took a half an hour break later as well. The band had four people–a tall American guy playing the trumpet, a guy with a long beard playing the guitar, a drummer, and a bassist. They played well, and the pieces were long and they improvised. I’m not a big jazz fan but the music was good and for me, live jazz is easier to listen to. I am still not happy about the half an hour breaks though. If Satriani don’t take breaks, if Knopfler don’t take breaks, nobody else should take breaks. Then again, they don’t play in bars.

The food at Fusion 9 was really good. They serve bread that you can have with Olive oil and crushed peppers. We had the Cajun potatoes for starters and I had a chicken pepper steak (or whatever it was called), which was really good. My friend told me that they have a buffet lunch on Sunday which is about 450 to 500 bucks and really good. Add to that the fact that you can drink any number of vodka-based drinks, and you set yourself up for a really lazy, languorous Sunday.

If you’re in Hyderabad, you might want to check this place out. Fusion 9 is in Banjara Hills and if you want to eat Oriental food instead, it has another restaurant above called Cinnabar Red, which serves pretty decent food too the Grill Room.

But, this is about Fusion 9, so go there first. You can try Cinnabar Red the Grill Room some other time.

Updated: To reflect the change of configuration in the restaurant below, thanks to a comment by Preeti.


23 thoughts on “Friday Night Jazz at Fusion 9

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Percy. Too bad I didn’t read this before my latest India trip – I would’ve loved to check out the local jazz scene in Hyd !

  2. I went there only after your trip, so even if you’d been following my blog, you wouldn’t have found that post. Anyway, there’s always the next time, and you’ve got so many choices of music anyway. Lucky you :).

  3. Percy:

    Thank you so much for leaving your comment on my blog. The dinner tonight was quite fine, and though 4 of 7 in my group were Westerners, the crowd on a Tuesday night didn’t match your experience, as it appeared to be mostly local. The restaurant is a fine place to eat, especially if you’re looking for something good that isn’t Asian. Not that I mind Asian, but that’s what I’ve been eating almost exclusively since I arrived, so it was a welcome change of pace to have polenta for an appetizer. I don’t know if jazz is still offered on Friday nights but I may take a walk up the street from the hotel later this week to find out.

    How did I find your blog entry? Why Google, of course, which ironically dovetails nicely with your most recent post.

  4. Peter, thanks for your comment. The restaurant is a nice place to eat and I should go there when I’m in Hyderabad next. About finding the entry in Google, yeah, it’s pretty ironic that you find it when I post something not-so-flattering about Google. To be fair, they do send me some link love from time to time though.

  5. Hey there Percy…

    now me is going there and that’s tomorrow…..the wifey says leave the kids with Nana and lets go…so !!!! i have a reaction ….!!!!!l lol…lol…cos we are both Jazz lovers…what i mean is we love Jazz…
    thanks a ton for the feedback and do hope we bump into you there….what could be the odds for that??
    drive safe man…

  6. The odds of bumping into me when you’re there are pretty slim only because I live in Bangalore :-). Hope you enjoy the place. Check with them if they have Jazz still going on there.

  7. Live band seems long dead, but the place still serves GREAT food. Cinnabar Red’s been replaced with Grill Room.

  8. Oh, that’s bad news about the live band–it was something that made the restaurant stand out (apart from the food). I knew about Cinnabar Red but I haven’t updated the post. :) I’ve not tried the Grill Room. Is it good?

  9. I just came across all these entries by chance. I have been organizing a jazz evening in Fusion 9 in February 07 and want to do more if interest is there…. Who ever is interested in live jazz music, get in contact with me. I am looking for good locations in Bangalore and Chennai too to make some jazz happening. If you have an idea, drop me a line, since I am trying since month in vein to find something suitable. My email:

  10. Hi,
    I m Aneet n i supply Hookahs for certain pubs in the city and i m very interested in supplying Hookah(Regular and Antique) in Deli9 with a good man power.So if you are interested i can show you the catlog and the flavors which i get it export directly from Dubai. So, if i can get the consults person details like whom to contact for Deli9 you can mail me at :: OR can call me at 9885767676.

  11. Update: They still hold live Jazz every last Friday of the month (A/to an attendant at F9, I have not yet confirmed personally though).

    And the Sunday brunch with alcohol (unlimited vodka and beer) has shot up to Rs. 819 per person. The soft brunch (without alcohol) is Rs. 699.

    I found the ambience a little too cluttered and loud, to be honest. But the food was nirvana for the taste buds!

    Worth a splurge!

  12. Nidarshana: Thanks for the update. I should make a trip to F9 sometime this year, it’s been quite a while since I went. Of course, the fact that I live in Bangalore probably has something to do with it.

  13. I am a jazz guitarist from kolkata,brought by a group of hotels to play in a restaurant.I play progressive and beebop jazz.I play in a 2 piece format with a drummer.I am not quiet aquainted with the jazz scenario in the city and heard about fusion 9 but never visited,preparing for the jazz yatra next.

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