Firangi Paani & Sahib Sindh Sultan

There’s a new pub and restaurant right next to each other in The Forum mall in Koramangala. (As NBC used to say in its summer promos, if you haven’t been there, it’s new to you.)

Firang Paani is a nice comfortable pub, which was crowded even on a weekday. The music ranged from rock to country to pop and the day that I went I don’t think that there was a DJ. I think they popped in a CD and let it play or something.

Sahib Sindh Sultan is a restaurant that’s modelled like a train. (Or so I think.) The mutton biryani there was just delicious. I didn’t partake of any other food there, that biryani thingy was quite filling.

Ah yes, I went there a couple of weeks ago with some old friends from undergrad and it was a blast.


17 thoughts on “Firangi Paani & Sahib Sindh Sultan

  1. Hi …..m dj jay from delhi …….well im happy tat firangi paani is opening in hyderabad its really good…. well m a dj in hyderabad in tajkrishna (ahala)….well i play only on thursdays and saturdays… im thinking to join firangi paani in hyderabad as a dj…… who is the contact person ….can u all give me d details …….thanks dj jay 9985229383……..

  2. Yes, I was one like you guys who was really excited to find some happening pubs in Hyderabad when I moved base from Bangalore early this year. But I would like to take this opportunity to express my latest impression about ‘Firangi Paani’ Hyderabad..”it sucks”!! I haven’t met people more badly behaved as those guys who host the show there. It includes the whole lot of them, the bartenders, the guys outside the counter, the ones at the door, everyone! they really don’t care to retain customers. I was a regular customer since last evening. I used to party there with my friends every weekend. Last week we were pushed around the place for chairs, you request service, no one attends you. You ask a bartender, he shows you filthy attitude. One chap outside the counter pushed my friend saying “please move, this is the serving counter”, imagine! And those buggers are drunk all the while!! Last evening they stopped me at the door at 7:15pm saying Happy Hours are over and we are not allowing stags any more today, when everyone knows that Happy Hours are till 8:00. I have been visiting pubs in B’lore for the past 6 years..I have never ever seen such rude and uncouth behavior towards the customer. Well, I am never going to go back to Firangi Paani Hyderabad, and I am going to make sure that none of my friends do either. I would like to raise an alarm for everyone who’s reading. If anyone of you agree with what I have pointed out, let’s please accelarate this, and make sure such places either switch to treat customers well, or shut down!

  3. Oh, that’s too bad. I’ve not been to Firangi Paani too many times and never to the one in Hyderabad. Maybe you should write to the BJN group people and let them know–the URL is in the comment thread.

  4. firangi paani really sucks, id been there wid my frnds n the service which they gave was disgusting, their manager i still rem his name- suresh, all he wants to do is to help guys find girls, n if u dont go accordingly he would do anything to make u feel insulted. Just wondering if there is a rule for girls to leave a pub wid guys, we were a group of girls n just bcoz we didnt speak to guys(i guess their regular customers), their manager behaved as though we were drunk n tht too whn most of us were allright, n askd us to leave the place, i dont knw who made him a manager, way to go firangi pani, do something abt ur staff b4 its too late, felt as though their manager was an expert in open prostitution, dont knw wht to say..

  5. Firangi pani ..looks ok to me but the staff do not know their menu…….i mean what ever you ask them we are out of stock or we are no more serving it ..etc etc….and the bartenders are some old farts ………….get some young funcky ppl in there who know how to pep up the environment……………

  6. Hi ,
    This is jogy . I dont understand how you guys had such horrendous experience in Firangi Paani as it is the favourite hangout of mine and all my friends . The experiences mentioned by you are quiet applicable in couple of other bars/pubs in town but never in Firangi Paani . We love the music and ambience there . May be you guys should give another try .

  7. Hi
    This is rajesh from Hyderabad. Iam a regular visitor to Firangi Pani and I am quite surprised to read the baseless comments made by Ms Niki. I am regular pub hopper since last 7 years and I found that FP is the only place where one feels safe to go along with his wife.. The service and the music are the main feature of the pub which attracts those who really cares for them. Ms Niki probably might have over drunk and that’s why the manager might have asked her to leave for her own good. The staff of FP never really allows any person to go beyond their limits and this they do so for their own good

  8. Yea, I agree, FP is one of those safe bars I (26, woman) wouldnt mind going alone. I am a sucker for the retro music they play at times. The food (except for the momos) however, wasnt really impressive. The waiters, bartenders etc were decent and attentive. The dance floor was spacious and I do not remember stepping on ppl and vice-versa while shaking a leg.

    Besides one needs to be self-introspective as well when one’s talking about misbehaviour (at the recieving end) at public places.

  9. @Nidarshana: I am not sure what you mean by “Besides one needs to be self-introspective as well when one’s talking about misbehaviour (at the recieving end) at public places.”. Could you elaborate?

  10. I think she means one needs to think of their own behavior also, when mentioning that someone behaved poorly with them.

    Said another way, maybe niki and her friends were overly abusive to the men that tried to speak with them, and the manager thought that was out of line. Then the manager might have said something to niki’s crew and they were overly abusive to the manager, so he kick them out.

    Of course, I don’t think anything I typed above is true. I’m sure some gundas with their biryani bellies thought they were totally swinging guys and were staring at niki and her crew for hours before having the guts to say something to them. I’m sure what they said would offend all of us.

    That said, I’ve been going to Pani since it opened and the staff has always been professional and great. I don’t see the managers around a lot though.

    The food used to be great, then became mediocre, and came up to “pretty good”, but the portions have always been too small.

    The music is great, but they do play that trance sh*t at earsplitting levels to end out the night. The wife and I now leave when that starts.

    Bottom line: If you got the Gandhis to spend, Pani is a good place to do that (you’ll need alotta them, it is expensive).

  11. Well, I think Firangi Paani, Hyderabad rocks…I just loved my experience there…I was visiting from the middle east and i found it too good..the bartenders are amazing and handsome, to knock a few gals out..and the dj is awesome as well…The ambiance is amazing is amazing as well….

  12. I can tell one thing for sure. Firangi Pani hates stags coming in and occupy places… even @ 4pm… LOL… You cant hangout with gals 10 out of 10 times……..

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