FOSS.IN 2005

FOSS.IN, the event formerly known as Linux Bangalore, is going to be held from 29th of November to 2nd of December, 2005 at Bangalore Palace. I’m not sure if I’ll attend, but if you’re a developer and interested in Free and Open Source Software, it might be worth your while. Check out the website for details about the schedule and registration. The website is

Here’s some basic information from the website:

All delegates need to formally register before attending this event. Registering yourself on the web is encouraged.

…you effectively pay for Conference T-Shirt and food coupons for all four days. You pay Rs.500 to attend the event if you have registered online (you would present the valid registration code you are given when you register online) and Rs.750 if you register at the venue. Payment is to be made at the venue only.

And while you’re checking out websites, check out the National Portal of India, which apparently runs on Linux and PHP, as this post tells you.


Your thoughts?

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