Stand Book Festival

Books, loads of books. You’ll end up with a pain in your neck, from the craning, and your legs will hurt, from the standing. You’ll probably find yourself at the checkout counter with books that you didn’t expect to find, at prices that will blow your mind. Well, some at least. You’ll also have to exercise restraint because those titles, they’ll try to seduce their way into your book basket. There, I’ve warned you.

I’ve been to the Strand Book Festival/Fair/Sale for the last three or four years. One year I didn’t buy anything. Last year I got Emotional Design at a good price. Every time however, I’ve never enjoyed the experience. Till yesterday.

This time the book fair is in the cricket stadium. You’ll have to climb some stairs but it’s worth it. There is a huge selection and if you’re a book lover, you’ll be drooling, so take a bib along. I spent quite a while and barely glanced through some sections. If you’re a Dave Barry fan, you’ll find paperbacks at good prices. I think there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a note from Strand’s website about the book festival:

The Book Event of the Year !
Upto 80% off
This time at the
(on MG Road, P2 Hall)
Upto Sun 11th DEC
Incl.3 Sundays
10am – 9pm
Main entrance Gate 1, Queen’s Road.
Unlimited Free Parking: entrance from MG Road, opp St. Mark’s Cathedral

If you’re not in Bangalore, well tough luck. Actually, I didn’t know this but it looks like you can buy books from Strand’s website as well. (Strand Book Stall)

I got some good deals and good books. Heck, maybe I’ll even go back. The force is strong with this one.


5 thoughts on “Stand Book Festival

  1. Yes, it’s good collection.. thanks to u for letting us know :-)

    The place was over-crowded when i visited there yesterday, may be b’cos it was weekend.. they should’ve arranged for the bigger place.

    I was searching for Oscar Wilde books, didn’t find any..

  2. Oh, interesting. I figured that they’d have fairs in Mumbai, but had no idea that they’d have two every year. I am not sure about other cities though–Bangalore and Mumbai are the two cities they do have stores in, Hyderabad doesn’t have one.

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