Three men, three women, sitcom about relationships. You’re thinking Friends? Nope. I’m talking about Coupling, which is a British production and it’s more adultish in its content.

The writing is funny, the characters are quirky, and this is a show worth watching. The show won the Best TV Comedy award at the British Comedy Awards 2003.

Coupling, which for some inexplicable reason Star World doesn’t want to promote, airs at 10.30 pm on Monday nights. Maybe we can have less Desperate Housewives promos and some Coupling promos. Here’s the show’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Coupling

  1. It was aired earlier on Saturday and Sunday, don’t know the time, though. But I was sure as hell not crazy enough to miss it. :-) I absolutely loved the show. Well, you know my status now. No TV, no shows… ;-)

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