Bean town?

Bangalore = Bengaluru = Bengalooru depending on who you talk to; it’s happening folks. Part of the intention (from a TOI article):

“The intention is that even a foreigner who visits the city will use a Kannada-sounding word by calling the city Bengalooru. The ‘u’ vowel distinguishes our language, just like the ‘o’ in Kolkata is distinct to Bengali. By adding the ‘u,’ even words like chair-u and table-u become Kannada,” Ananthamurthy said. Singh maintained that he was convinced about the genuineness of the demand.

Is the following sentence in Kannada? And-u, I-u am-u confused-u about-u English-u and-u Kannada-u.

Also, is it okay for locals to stick to Bangalore? Cool. The news agency Reuters has an interesting take on the name change:

Bangalore, long known as India’s Garden City and now a global technology hub, is set to change its name to Bengalooru, reverting to a centuries-old title that means “the town of boiled beans”.

The original name of Bangalore is said to be derived from “benda kalooru”, or boiled beans, because a king exhausted during a forest hunt in the 14th century was fed boiled beans by a villager where the city now stands.

(Full article here)


3 thoughts on “Bean town?

  1. Heck, they need to spend crores of rupees implementing the name change. Not that I’m personally against it, I don’t care what the city is called. But can’t they do something about the infrastructure (read roads and drainage) and then go about renaming cities? I wonder… (and so does everyone..)

  2. I don’t know how much it’ll cost but you have got to wonder why this wasn’t done before, like say when Karnataka was formed or when India became a free country. Then again, I’m no politician.

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