Letters from an unpaid writer

From the article Letters to Tehelka from an unpaid writer:

I suppose I am a fool, by Tehelka’s standards anyway, to have written for you again. There are two mitigating factors: I didn’t think an organisation which preaches propriety and ethics to the nation could behave so unethically; and I didn’t think Tehelka would treat a fellow-professional so shabbily.

Yes, I know you’ve gone through hard times, but you always had a support group to fall back on. I’m a freelancer. When my father was in hospital late last year and Shoma wasn’t answering my e-mails I had no such support group and I needed money. But why do I need an excuse like that to get what is my due?

If you’ve ever followed up for payments, you’ll feel his pain. (Via The Hoot)

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2 thoughts on “Letters from an unpaid writer

  1. Great post Percy.
    You can almost hear the frustration in his words.
    A pity that a paper like Tehelka would put a writer through so much agony after using his writings.
    Alls well in the world of Indian journalism!!

  2. He’s actually a well-known journalist and was on a panel for a Writer’s festival that was held in Bangalore. I’d seen him there and I’ve read a couple of his articles. It’s hard being a freelancer in India I guess.

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