Nine things I don’t want to encounter in 2006

In the order in which I’m thinking this up:

  1. Breaking news — As The Daily News tagline goes, When news breaks, we fix it. Some of the breaking news need not break, it can wait.
  2. Exclusive interview — TV channels use this phrase so regularly, it’s losing its exclusivity.
  3. Sting operation — How many more before the nation gets sick of these operations?
  4. Tsunami — Not the tragedy but the usage of this word in different contexts, like A tsunami of emotions.
  5. Terror/Terrorism — I think there’s a serious need to either re-define the meaning of these words or to use them less frequently.
  6. MSM — Mainstream media, which is the favourite punching bag of most bloggers.
  7. Use of the suffix gate — Plume-gate, Volcker-gate, to name a few. Enough, get another suffix.
  8. Voting through SMS — Probably a nice source of revenue to channels and telecom operators, but mostly meaningless.
  9. Moral policing — Mind your own business or find a better cause, one that actually helps people.

What was I thinking writing this post, none of this is going to go away. Hope is also a four-letter word.

Hope/Wish 2006 is a good year for you.


Your thoughts?

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