The Water Front

The water refers to the water in Tank Bund in Hyderabad. The ‘front’, because through the restaurant you have a view of the lake.

At night, when I went, you can see the Gautama Buddha statue in the distance and the lake waters are almost black and shiny. You can also see the road on the other side of the lake or maybe it was my imagination.

The restaurant has a waiting area where two people can sit comfortably. Three, if you like cozy threesomes. I don’t, unless the other two are models.

We went on a Thursday night and the place was crowded, so we had to wait for a table. It would be a good idea to reserve a table. There are waiting areas inside, where you can order starters and drinks, and there are stools at the bar as well. No single women sitting at the bar. Sigh.

The lighting is subdued in the restaurant, so only certain areas are “highlighted”, the aquarium’s one of them. The bartenders work against the aquarium backdrop. The aquarium’s big and looks like it’s wall mounted. Also, the fish seemed to be swimming to only one side. Maybe there was a fish model there.

The other highlighted area is directly above the aquarium, where a keyboard player and a violinist (plugged in) were playing a mixture of tunes, both Hindi and English. They’re pleasant to listen to and unobtrusive, so it enhances the eating experience. Also, they nailed the song we requested.

The chairs are comfortable, but the tables could be a bit bigger. The restaurant has a special Thai menu, Indian food, and Chinese food as well. The service is good, if maybe a bit overenthusiastic.

The soup (spicy sweet corn chicken) was excellent, not the standard taste that you get at all Chinese restaurants. The chicken satay was good too, but it was cold when I ate it, probably from the AC blowing on my plate.

The highlight was a Thai chicken dish, fiery hot something (can’t remember the Thai name), which was as advertised. When they say hot, they mean hot. We also had a mutton dish and a prawn dish, both were good. Overall, a good eating experience.

They do have a cover charge of Rs. 350, which you can “renew” against food and drinks. The prices are on the higher side, especially for a restaurant in Hyderabad, but the portions are ample and it’s a nice experience.

Did I mention that the view is breathtaking?

The Water Front is on Necklace Road in Hyderabad. Sorry, I don’t do directions.


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