One plus one equals one

Thinking Without a Box (Ver. 1.0) + Bangalore Bites = Thinking Without a Box (Ver 2.0).

Why merge? Because.

If that’s not a good reason, TWAB (1.0) was becoming more of a link blog and I found that at times I could’ve posted stuff on either blog. I’m doing the daily links thingy on this blog and I’ll continue writing about the same stuff that I was writing on Bangalore Bites and TWAB (-1.0). Plus, the tagging will make it easier if you only want to read posts on a certain subject. (And, there’s tag-specific feeds if you want.)

Also, WordPress is Open Source and I’m a big fan of Open Source stuff, so the move. And, if Scoble’s blogging here, it can’t be all that bad.

I’ll be updating the Feedburner feeds shortly and will post this info on the other blogs as well. You can subscribe to the WordPress feeds using the links provided on this blog.

I apologise for the pain I’m causing you, my dear reader. (Okay, there’s two of you.)


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