The Angrez

A movie about Hyderabad, is what I was told when I went for this movie. And what a movie it turned out to be. The story is about two NRIs (Not Really Indians) who come to Hyderabad to work for their friend’s company.

Their accents are terrible and I’m sure the call centre agents here have better accents. And, listening to them, you’d think that all people in the US said was, S*it, or Dude, in just about every sentence.

The humour is crass and juvenile, the movie is loud, and the plot is thinner than the tea served on trains. If I’d seen the director-writer (whatever his name was) after the movie, I might’ve punched him. The movie was supposed to showcase Hyderabad, but any person from Hyderabad would feel insulted watching the movie. I know I did.

If you’re into masochism, go watch The Angrez. You will feel the pain.


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  1. welll i realli dunno abt that movies suckin that bad…..i saw the trailors and i thought it was pretty funny but i dun knw how the movie was…..but the song hydrebai biryani is soooo funnni and cute…. i dun knw abt u but i would luv to watch that moviee

  2. YOu think the movie was boring i assume the way the earlier person replies and got offended becasue he is a call centre guy its not real world comedy means some part of people get offended its the most hilarious movei ever been made so near to reality and coming to the part of accent how many people in call centres in hyderabad or india for that case have good accents you tine tadpole in a well look it up and feel it enjopy the movie dont get offended i live abroad and the movie made us crack all of us not one of us got offended cos i know each and every aspect of the film is trye and very true(one question how many of your friends end a sentence with ‘rey’ nahin rey aisa nahin rey hahahhaah

  3. I personally think that its a hard job to capture all the various elements and facets of a city in a movie, caricature them and then put it together in a viewable format! And I certainly dont think Nikhil and his team were trying in any way to showcase Hyderabad, as much as rib it in a good-natured, knowing way!

    What Nikhil Kontaa and his team have managed to do is give a back-handed compliment to the city. Whether it is by caricaturing NRI’s who manage to pick up an uneven accent the moment they even board an international flight, by people who are driven to call centers and live an almost schizophrenic life, or in folks around the Charminar for whom long-term plan is figuring out how to score the next meal, or even the Yadava and Golla dada’s whose livelihood is a scam-a-minute, muscle for hire deal – all of these disparate skeins are well woven in. I am not trying to just praise the movie – it is low-budget and not the best cinematography, but it is certainly not pretentious, nor does it fall into the rut of song-dance-titillation routine, and that alone is worth cheering for.

    Interestingly you have a similar inspiration for your blog – even wanting to create new cliches, how come you dismiss it with an all-too-familiar, “oh its a horribly made Indian flick” clique yourself? Isn’t that a very old cliche?

  4. Prakash: If the movie was trying to cariacature NRIs and give a back-handed compliment to the city, I don’t think they did that. About no song-dance titillation, well, they had titillation (pun intended) in a different form.

    About the ‘horribly made Indian flick’ cliche, I felt that the movie was a horribly made movie–Indian or otherwise. It’s that simple–this just isn’t a movie that I would recommend.

    If you enjoyed it, and a lot of people seem to have, cool. I didn’t.

  5. I will take the middle route here. If the attempt was to caricature NRIs then this movie certainly succeeded as Kunta Nikkil and Ganesh were cartoonish and too brash for comfort. Hell! I wasnt able to watch Nikkil for 2 minutes before feeling irritated with his face. I am no looker either, but I would never plug my mug in a movie even if it was being made by me. I live away from India myself but have absolutely none of the mannerisms that these guys were trying so hard to portray. It was hamming at its worst.

    That said, I did enjoy the shenanigans of Ismail Bhai and his cohorts and feel that they are the saving grace of the movie. It was very true to life and brought back memories of times spent in the Irani cafe around the corner (aptly named Azad-E-Hind), swapping stories with Idayath bhai about the fights we had with the guys from the other basthi. Bravo! Ismail Bhai, may your tribe increase and keep the memories of our Irani Chai fighting for its place among the StarBucks and Costa Coffee. I would recommend it at as a must watch for every NRI from Hyderabad, provided one has the ability to shut off one’s mind when the hamming shows through.

  6. Santosh: Nice summary. For me, there are parts of the movie (with the Irani Chai group) where the movie’s watchable but the rest of the movie didn’t make it worth the while.

  7. a few points:

    a) the soundtrack: from an ’80’s porn flick, you think? or maybe early 90’s, my ‘cohort’ says.
    b) the accents: christ, the accents. yet some of it was actually accurate and would have been fine if it wasn’t for –
    c) the dialogue: the less said about this the better. actually the less said in the movie the better, but its too late for that now.

    anyways. apparently people out there like this. and i am sure the producers/directors are grateful for that.

  8. This is more of a vernacular movie (in the context and dialogues) with excellant mix of telugu, hindi/urdu and english thrown in. Its like a guy from chennai trying to understand munnabhai’s language, its totally ridiculus for him. The ppl in hyd are watching the movie big time and sequel has been released to it too. Interesting fact, the movie got released the same week has RDB and it held its head high.

  9. Just to clarify if you are implying that I don’t understand either Telugu or Hindi/Urdu (or specifically Hyderabadi Hindi), I do.

    The, ‘everyone’s watching it, so it must be good’ argument, I don’t agree with–at least not in this case.

  10. Though I am only 13 yrs old I or anyone can say that the Old City part was only humourous. The N.R.I part pissed me off cuz god damn I am an N.R.I n I dont speak that way! The intro guy is exactly right cuz watchin the movie made me realize I would rather prefer being an Old City guy!!! First of all the black ass guy who had a face like shit, acted oversmart by tellin the word “Shit Man!” like a several times! And the white guy was also not real less. He acted oversmart all the way 2 the ending of the movie. But I agree that the song “Hyderabadi Biriyani” and “Keep it Bumpin'” was awesome.

  11. People seriously need to get a sense of humour. If you didn’t like it because you’re an NRI than you’re pretty lame because its only humour, and humour lies in exaggeration.

  12. Though, the NRI part was really not funny, you all will have to agree with me that most of the guys who live abroad and go back to India are always showing off like they always lived a better life and they try and use all the words that they think is cool. I think that was the perfect portrayal of all the NRI’s who go back to India and show off and act like they never ever lived in India before.

  13. for those of you hyderabadi guys who are feeling ashamed of watching this movie, WAKE UP, thats what the world thinks of you.
    For your mumbai friends laughing at you, they probably laugh cause they see the similarities between u and the characters in the movie!

    HYDERABADI MEN, clean up and try to be get out of 1935 mentality, and polish yourselves a bit. same paan staines, spitting on the road, whistling at girls, showing of if one girl says hello, and bragging to your friend about it. I mean guys from bangalore and bombay are centuries ahead of you.

    People only laugh when what they see is a shade of reality.

  14. and….NRI’s

    are have even bigger issues cause they come to India thinking the whole place is one big village, and that they are bling bling with their american express card.
    meanwhile they cant even afford lad bazaar, they haggle more than the locals, and complain the things are more expensive then when the left in the 80’s.

    NRI’s you may think your cool with your amrikan accent, but your lost.
    americans will never accept you, and indians will call you traitors.

  15. We enjoyed the movie and will recommend to all hyderabadies to watch it, it was fun, it is real hyderabad, we are proud to be hyderabadi,

  16. and dont read comments writen by nerds, looks like they did not understand the movie, watch it guys you will enjoy it if you have seen real hyderabad.

  17. hey people… I dont know why you did not like the movie. It is so much Hyderabadi!!! I simply loved it… so did my wife!

    Yes, maybe I could relate more to it as I have lived in Hyderabad for 2 years!!!

    I think its a totally fun movie to be seen with the same sense of seeing a Govinda movie.

  18. I was suggested this movie as I love the ‘poti-loga’ ishtyle Old City Urdu-Hindi lingo. This movie is a treasure trove of that stuff.

    It is also slapstick in the BORAT vein. So what, good for it! Look at how well BORAT’s been accepted.

  19. Hey SANA,
    Guess few Hyd ke pote might have troubled you .So you can’t blame all the guys… it happens only in some parts..i belive it happens in every city (MUM & BLR) i have seen both the places..So dont blame the entire city…dont be so narrow minded and one -way thinking… it sometimes hearts yourself……coool…. iam a Hyderabadi… lived in secundrabad…rit now in blr….I enjoyed the movie…..the characters like Ismile n his frnds.. are changing now..they are becoming softer… hope this will make many others like them to think and change…….

  20. Sorry, I had to delete the last comment because the commenter mentioned that he’d copied it from some other blog. Linking to another blog is fine, copying content and pasting it here (without attribution) is not.

  21. Hey guys the movie is brilliant and salim feku was marvellous. I suggest go and watch the movie . Its now on google video too, so you can watch it online also..Any ways i have heard that there is a second part of it. does ne body have ne news .. has it been released?

  22. It was a n awesome movie.
    I realy dont know how the could guys feel insulted abt such a nice movie

  23. i agree with sana,,she is rite,,hyderabadis are still laging far behind,,these things happens more in in the area dominated by muslims as they still illeterate..

  24. Hi Everyone,

    I am jus waiting eagerly to watch its sequel. I would have watched this movie at least a dozen times and few of the people, I know, have watched it many times more than me. If anybody can tell me where I can get the sequel of this, it would be really great!!!

  25. Just watch it with good sense of humour…!! its a wonderful comedy time pass…please dont take it personal into regionality.
    Hi Hyderabadi guys… Dont feel insulted with this movie… u should be proud that Hyd is such a colorful city, I would love to speak Hyd hindi in that accent :-).

    And other guys..pls dont tease Hyd city.we all are from same country,and all fingers will not be same, dont compare cities…!!

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