It’s Uriah Heep now

First, they said Bryan Adams was coming.

Then, they said Jethro Tull was coming.

Now, they’re saying Uriah Heep is coming.

Deccan Herald reports in today’s Metro Plus page that Uriah Heep is also going to rock Bangalore at Palace Grounds on Feb 8th.

No ticket info available as yet. If I get any more information, I’ll let you know.

Is Feb going to be a great month or what?


4 thoughts on “It’s Uriah Heep now

  1. Dude,
    Here’s some ticket info:
    Bryan Adams – I’ve got 5 tickets in my desk drawer, right now! Got them some 4 days back. Tickets available in Reliance Web World. Go, get it if you wanna come.
    Jethro Tull – Tickets are available @ Pizza Hut. When I was hunting around for Bryan Adams’ Tickets, I stopped over @ Pizza Hut and asked them if they had the tickets to which I was shown a poster and “We have the tickets to those”, and Tull was the one of the posters (In case you are wondering what was the other one, it was the Uth Rock Festival)
    Uriah Heep – Seriously, I never even knew till you told me about it.
    Feb is going to be a great month for me. ;-)

  2. I watched the Heep rock Rang Bhavan, Bombay in the early eighties. I’d just burst into my teens about then. They blew our minds. The show was sponsored by Charms. I think Venkat hadn’t arrived on the horizon yet. I first came across him at the Europe concert half a decade later, organised for P.R.I.D.E India.

    I envy you blokes in Bangalore. Here in Delhi, we have to put up with Indian Idol winners, the balle balle brigade, some white chicks from former USSR countries doing the jhatka to indipop drivel, and the page 3 ‘do’s. Every now and then there’s a steaming jazz gig, but we get to hear of it only the day after. And the music reviews here SUCK.

    I hope the Heep doesn’t mime like the Purpe did in Bombay, with Remo pretending to play bass on one number. That sucks too.

  3. Oh, Heep didn’t mime, far from it. They rocked (I posted a review today) and made the crowd rock with them too. Great stuff. These rock shows and live music is one of the reasons I love Bangalore. Almost all the bands come here and the crowds turn up to listen as well. The Heep concert didn’t have a huge attendance, but it wasn’t bad at all.

    Too bad about Delhi’s music scene. Sounds like a nightmare for someone like me. I would’ve thought that they’d have some interesting musicians at least through the exchange programs or embassies. Maybe the Page 3 crowd doesn’t like rock.

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