Links for 27-Jan-2006

From Bursting Hollywood’s ‘Bubble’ (By Monica Mehta, AlterNet):

It’s the first time a high-profile director will be releasing his film in theaters, on DVD and on cable television simultaneously. And it might mean big changes in the way Hollywood does business over the next decade — much the way downloaded music has changed the way the music industry operates.

From The Falafel Connection: All Those NSA Wiretaps Are Just a Friendster in Disguise by Robert Cringely (who else?):

By the way, if you are wondering whether YOUR phone could be easily tapped, just check to see if your phone company offers three-way dialing, because that’s the feature we’re talking about. If you can get it, they can get you. And if you are wondering whether VoIP service can’t be tapped, the answer is both yes and no. For the moment, SIP services like Skype can’t be tapped but that will change soon. And if you are a Vonage or Packet8 user, well they already have your number.

From Shining a light on shady software (By Michael Bazeley of Mercury News) :

The Stop Badware Coalition said it intends to shine a spotlight on companies that trick Internet users into downloading programs that steal personal information, launch unwanted ads and spread computer viruses.

From The Savvy Tech Traveler (

Ken Henningsen with some tips for all you travelers out there.

From Going in Style (By Mary E. Shacklett for

How to pick out the laptop computer that will perfectly suit your on-the-go needs.

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