Talking to customers

I’ve been having problems with my mobile phone’s service provider. People try to call me and can’t get through, even when I’m not on the phone. (Shouldn’t matter if I am, because I have call waiting, but that’s a whole other can of worms.)

Or, even if I try to call people, I get a message saying, ‘Network is busy’.

I’ve already complained about this to my provider and the customer service rep recorded a complaint. He told me that the problem would be resolved in a week and that someone from the technical team would get back to me. One week lapsed yesterday. No calls, no nothing.

Now, this service provider is apparently doing well and has gained new customers. Good for them. I’ve also heard that the service provider is doing some network upgrades, etc. Oh cool.

Wait a minute. Why didn’t they tell me? If they’re doing some upgrades, then they should’ve told me in advance. I would’ve anticipated problems and wouldn’t been unhappy with them.

The old way was to keep customers in the dark.

The new way is to inform customers in advance if you know there’s going to be a problem. Or, at least let customers know that you have a problem.

By not telling customers and waiting for them to complain, the service provider is risking losing existing customers. In my case, a customer who’s been with the service provider for four plus years.

Would you be in a relationship where you perceive that you’re not wanted? Maybe companies just don’t get it.


One thought on “Talking to customers

  1. I had the same problem with the service provider I was subscribing to before. I mean, you shell out the charges they ask for, and you can’t get a call through when you want to talk! I once waited 23 minutes on hold, waiting for some customer service executive to talk to me, and then the system disconnected me saying “All our customer care executives are currently busy, please try after sometime”. I complained, complained, and finally got sick of it, dumped them and took up another connection. Have been happy ever since.

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