Jethro Tull at IIM Bangalore

Jethro Tull is the first real rock concert that I attended and that was almost twelve years ago. I saw them in Chennai and I loved the energy of the band and their music. I was a fan of Tull then, though a bit more well-informed about their music than I was back then.

I was looking forward to seeing Martin Barre, along with the rest of the Tull gang, but the only one who came this time was Ian Anderson. That was a bit of a disappointment. The music was spot on and the musicians were brilliant but the guitaring wasn’t like Barre’s–I love his riffs during the song. The replacement, a German guitarist, he played well and was helped by his Gibson Les Paul; that guitar has such a wonderful tone. (Note to self — Save money for Les Paul)

The keyboard and sometimes accordion player was good too, as was the bassist and the drummer. The star of the show was Ian Anderson of course.

He’s quirky on stage, he’s funny with his intros to songs, and he’s got a wonderfully unique voice. Of course, he also plays that metal flute thingy. Amazing.

The other instrument that he played in a few songs was his acoustic, which had a tone to die for. If you played a D chord on that guitar, you’d sound like a guitar god or something. (I wonder if it was an acoustic because though it sounded like one, it looked pretty small.)

Tull played for almost two hours and Anderson played songs from the oldest albums to the newer ones. I had heard most of the songs so I had a blast listening to him sing and the band play the songs. What a wonderful band Tull is–amazing longevity and a unique and rich musical sound.

Still, it doesn’t explain how Crest of a Knave won a Grammy in the heavy metal/hard rock category.


Your thoughts?

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