Not too old to rock and roll

Uriah Heep’s Lady In Black was one of the first rock songs that I heard back in the hostel days. I liked the song and through a friend, I listened to their other songs as well. This is a band that I liked but not as much as I liked Jethro Tull or Joe Satriani.

I wouldn’t miss them playing live in Bangalore though, so I was there. The show started promptly and they started rocking promptly as well. If you have the CD ‘The Best of Uriah Heep’ (I do), then you would’ve known a lot of the songs. They played all their hit songs, Wizard, Easy Livin’, Lady in Black, July Morning, Sweet Lorraine, Sunrise, etc.

They played hard rocking stuff, they sang the softer stuff, they took it up a notch and then brought it down. The singer and the band involved the crowd, asking us to sing along, or sing for them, it was lovely. An experience to remember, especially because you were a part of it. The band loved the crowd’s energy and they seemed really excited to be here in Bangalore.

And what can be said about the individual members? Mick Box, the original guitarist, was distinctive and played some lovely rhythms and leads. The bassist (whose name I can’t remember) was kick-ass. He was how a bassist should be, proper rhythm, no excessive notes, and the backbone of the rhythm section. The drums-bass combination was tight. The drummer also sang harmonies along with the guitarist and the bassist, and the harmonies were close to perfect. The keyboardist also had a nice rhythm going and added to the rich sound of the band. The vocalist was really good and as my friend remarked to me in the concert, sounded a lot like Ian Gillan (he, of the Deep Purple fame).

(You can find out more about the band from this entry)

I really enjoyed this concert, simply because it was how a show should be–rocking good. And, if you know what rock and roll originally referred to, you’ll know what I mean. If Uriah Heep does come back again, like they said they would, I’ll be there. For 500 bucks, it’s MORE than worth it.

PS: My friend and I were discussing whether Uriah Heep was a progressive band or hard rock and I thought they were the latter and NOT the former. Apparently, he was partially right, they do have progressive influences.


Your thoughts?

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