Arsenal 1, Real Madrid 0

Woo hoo! I stayed up till 3.00 am last night/this morning to watch the game and it was worth it. Arsenal dominated the game in the first twenty minutes and they should’ve scored at least two. Then Real came back and made a game of it.

In the second half, Thierry Henry scored a sublime goal for a crucial away goal. I was hoping for a win but even a draw would’ve been enough. Arsenal dominated for the most part and Henry, Ljunberg should’ve scored goals. Real too threatened now and then but Lehmann kept a clean sheet despite a couple of good efforts and one terrible defensive error.

Amazing win considering that no English club has won at the Bernabau (spelling?) before last night.

Real Madrid though were terrible–they gave away passes, they had no rhythm for the most part, and Arsenal just carved through their defence. Reyes just gave them headaches all night long and Henry was his usual self.

It was the first time I was watching Eboue play and I was impressed. The kid is fast, he’s not afraid of anyone, and he’s comfortable with the ball at his feet.

You wonder with all the injuries Arsenal have had, about what might have been. Considering all that, a win in Spain isn’t so bad is it?


Your thoughts?

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