TAAQ opens for Tull

Yes, it was a while back. No, I’m not getting selective amnesia. I didn’t want to post the Tull and TAAQ reviews in the same post and then I got busy, blah, blah.

This is the first time that I did NOT enjoy a TAAQ show. That’s right. I did not enjoy the show. TAAQ changed their line-up to have David Pascal (I’m too lazy to figure out if that’s his name) singing the vocals instead of Bruce Lee Mani.

The first reaction was, Why, why, why?

The second reaction was, Why dear God, why?

The third reaction is unprintable because this blog is PG-13.

The TAAQ I saw on stage that day was not the TAAQ I’ve been accustomed to seeing. They were different, and not in a way that I liked. The vocalist was gimmicky and I felt that a couple of times he went off-scale. Plus, let’s face it, he’s not Bruce, or even Rhuzde.

What made TAAQ unique for me was that it was a band that I could relate to–musically and the way they were on stage. At the Tull show, it felt like TAAQ was just another rock band.

Maybe I’m being hasty because I’ve seen the new TAAQ only once but I’m upset with what I saw and heard.

It’s like Van Halen and Gary Cherone–he was great with Extreme, he sucked with Van Halen. Give me Bruce Lee Mani (the equivalent of David Lee Roth for Van Halen) any day of the week.

I just feel Dead Inside .

PS: I hope this new lineup is not permanent.


Your thoughts?

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