All Godin Things Come In Threes

It’s been a while since I read Seth Godin’s blog and when I read it today, I realised why I subscribe to the RSS feed. He’s fun to read, he has a fresh way of looking at things, and you learn something from his blog.

Here are three posts that caught my attention today.

Bits are free

It doesn’t cost anything more to deliver a thoughtful, powerful, profitable note. It just takes guts to write one.

Taking responsibility

One of the best ways to enrage a customer is to duck responsibility.

Airlines do it, accountants do it, lawyers do it. Doctors, too. Frontline service workers are always in the awkward position of having to deal with angry customers about something that’s not their fault.

Often, the very act of evasion is what the customer is angry about. All we want is someone to look us in the eye and take responsibility.

That doesn’t look like a chocolate bar

My friend Brian sent me a stack of chocolate he picked up in London. Besides being amazing (and I don’t use the term lightly), the packaging is brilliant.

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