Links for Feb 26 2006

A shocking office (from Through My Words) :

Every time I touch something (metal plates on cubicles, door handles, chair or at times, even my jacket draped on the chair), I find that there is a spark and I feel the pull of electricity flowing through my fingers. Recently, I patted a friend on the back, and I heard a sharp crack and the familiar pull.

Burnout (Dr. Deborah Serani on burnout)

So… how do you know if you, a loved one, or someone you know is suffering from burnout?

What If Disney’s Prize Wasn’t Pixar, but Jobs? (Cringely from the pulpit again)

I was wrong.

No, not about phone and wire-tapping — more on that below — but on the Disney-Pixar merger. What if, instead of having to accept the board presence of Steve Jobs as a cost of getting Pixar’s animation talent and film library, Disney actually views the transaction as buying Pixar TO GET Steve Jobs and then gaining the animation bits as a bonus? If Disney CEO Robert Iger is really an exceptional leader, he’ll see it exactly that way.

Street Harassment Blog-a-thon (by Neha Viswanathan)

Street Harassment has never been an “issue” in India. It’s been there for so long that it doesn’t feel like an issue – it’s just a part of the wider context. Forgotten by the authorities, ignored by Mainstream Media – it’s just something you factor into your everyday life. Your clothes, timings, gestures, eyes, smell, plans and the space you occupy. From the age of about eight or nine, you learn to confine your body to a minimum space on the street – to somehow escape the “sight” of those who harass.

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2 thoughts on “Links for Feb 26 2006

  1. Most women I know have told me that they face this sort of problem. When they’re walking on the street, especially in the shopping areas, men tend to “bump” into them, or “graze” or “touch” them inappropriately. Lewd, lecherous looks are also extremely common. Sad and disgusting, but true.

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