Links for 27 Feb 2006

Hash makes a comparison of SMS voting and Corner House ice-cream. No fair, Corner House always wins. Read SMS votes to fame

This is the latest business gag. To vote for this contestant SMS “HISNAME” to 1234. Cost of each SMS, Rs.6. Cost of normal SMS, Re.1.

What’s the deal? What do I gain by spending the extra five? At least when I spend a rupee normally I’m passing on information to a friend or telling my mom I’ll be late. In the voting SMS thing, it’s like doing a poll, but paying to participate. Isn’t it ridiculous?

This is what we need in Bangalore to tackle the mountains of plastic clogging the drains everywhere. Bacteria Turns Styrofoam into Biodegradable Plastic

Now biologists at the University College Dublin in Ireland have found that a strain of Pseudomonas putida can exist quite happily on a diet of pure styrene oil–the oil remnant of superheated Styrofoam–and, in the process, turn the environmental problem into a useful, biodegradable plastic.

Wonder if Batman will change his name now. Going to Bat (By Charles Q. Choi)

Long known as vectors for rabies, bats may be the origin of some of the most deadly emerging viruses, including SARS, Ebola, Nipah, Hendra and Marburg. Instead of demonizing bats, however, research shows the real culprit behind these outbreaks could be human error.

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