Of wallets and trouser pockets

Most men I know carry their wallets in their trouser pockets–usually in the back pockets, sometimes in the front. Even if you carry just one card and a few currency notes, the thickness of the wallet comes to at least half an inch, probably more.

When you wear trousers, you’re usually going out, which means that you’ll have your wallet with you. Nobel prize-winning observations, you are thinking.

However, when you try on a pair of trousers before you buy them, you probably try them on without your wallet. They are comfortable without the wallet so you buy them. But, when you actually use them, you put in your wallet and suddenly the trousers that were comfortable are a tad tighter.

The back pockets and the front pockets are designed to hold stuff. But, when you put stuff in the pockets, the fit of the trousers gets tighter. Yikes.

Is it possible to design trousers that will not get tighter when you use the pockets? I’m not sure if this can be done without making the pants look awful, but it’s worth a try isn’t it?

How about trouser pockets nearer to the foot, where the trousers are not so snug? You already have trousers with additional pockets near the knees. Designers–think creative, think comfort.

Till then, maybe I just have to lose some weight. Now tell me, Do I look fat in these trousers?


Your thoughts?

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