Oscar 2006 predictions

There has been no hype in India, or to be precise, Bangalore. By hype, I mean movies screened. Take a sneak peak:

No Crash. (We did have The Wedding Crashers though.)

No Goodnight and Good Luck or Syriana yet, so I’m not sure about Clooney.

No Transamerica or Walk The Line, so Felicity or Reese, who knows?

No Brokeback Mountain. Wait, maybe that’s asking for too much even for Bangalore. I doubt if this film will be released here, which is a pity since it’s been getting rave reviews.

Capote? Fuggedabadit. Who’s this Philip Seymour Hoffman guy anyway?

Who needs to watch the movies to make predictions? Here are mine:

Best Picture — King Kong

Best Actor — Andy Serkis (King Kong. No really, he’s the guy who played King Kong)

Best Actress — Naomi Watts (King Kong)

Best Supporting Actor — Jack Black (King Kong)

Best Supporting Actress — No award this year.

Best Director — Ang Lee, sorry, Peter Jackson (King Kong).

Best Screenplay for a remake that was not made earlier by Peter Jackson — Peter Jackson et al (King Kong)

That’s all folks. Good night and good luck.

PS: For the record, I do not have any association with King Kong, Naomi Watts, Jack Black, or Peter Jackson.


Your thoughts?

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