Lessons for Web 2.0 companies

Great article about the demise of Teoma and what it means for Web 2.0 companies, which seem to be sprouting every day.

Here’s an excerpt but go read the full article ) Demise of Teoma a lesson for Web 2.0 startups)

I remember reading back in 2001 that people thought Teoma would pose a significant threat to Google. The engine was walking the same walk that Google did, but with some cool backroom algorithms that Google didn’t seem to have.

A little research on News.com (which has astonishing archives…you could spend hours in those things re-living the dot-com bust), pulls up this article by Stefanie Olsen.

Teoma and another search startup (Wisenut), writes Olsen, “shamelessly imitate Google in several ways, such as sporting stripped-down Internet sites and touting proprietary technology for ranking the significance of billions of pages that make up the World Wide Web.”

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