Links for 1 Mar 2006

We have an eclectic (don’t you love that word?) collection of links for you tonight.

Spiegel surfs the web and finds Gawker for Geeks :

Looking for a source for the latest Silicon Valley gossip? Paris and Johnny Weir may be absent from ValleyWag, but it’s a great place to keep tabs on Sergey and Larry.

You can’t trust the UN, says Rwandan President Paul Kagame in a Spiegel interview :

Rwandan President Paul Kagame discusses the reconstruction of his country, reconciliation between the Hutus and Tutsis and the conditions needed for peace in neighboring Congo.

Simon Hattenstone of The Guardian writes about why Chelsea could be the most despised football club in the world in Self-loathing strikes the King’s Road Loadsamoneys :

There is a new breed of football fan trolling round town, half peacock, half cowed apologist. The peacock talks about the Premiership titles, the money, the arrival of Eto’o or Ballack or God if he turns out to have two decent feet. The cowed apologist mutters that, of course it’s great to be winning, but it wasn’t meant to be like this.

George Monbiot (on AlterNet) writes in Flying is Dying :

There is no way to halt global warming and continue traveling long distances at high speeds. The only solution is to stop flying in airplanes…

The burning of aircraft fuel has a “radiative forcing ratio” of around 2.7. What this means is that the total warming effect of aircraft emissions is 2.7 times as great as the effect of the carbon dioxide alone.


And, finally, an article by Malcolm Gladwell titled What pit bulls can teach us about profiling : Does this guy pick interesting topics or what?


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