Maxthon: The browser that rocks

My first reaction when I read the title of the post on TechCrunch ( Maxthon: The browser that rocks ) was, What? Another browser? Then, I read the post and I wanted to try it out. Here’s an excerpt from the TechCrunch article:

Maxthon is in my view the best alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox and Opera are doing a great job (both in product and buzz) but they just don’t catch up with Maxthon.

High praise indeed. And then, here’s an exceprt from an InternetWeek article IE7 Vs. Everyone Else

If Firefox and Opera are underground favorites among Web surfers, then Maxthon must be the double-dog double-secret browser. Over the last four years, Maxthon has quietly developed a base of devoted — and tight-lipped — users who make the Illuminati seem like exhibitionists. How obscure is Maxthon? It’s so obscure that, despite more than 46 million downloads, even Google barely knows about it. When I did a search for Firefox, Google yielded some 412 million hits, while a search for Maxthon returned a scant 4 million.

If I had Windows on my computer, I’d have tried this browser. I don’t, so I can’t. I’ll have to wait to get Windows (I’m waiting for a better Vista) or Maxthon will have to release a Linux version.

PS: Maxthon was initially called MyIE2 and I have heard of that browser, though I’d never tried it.


4 thoughts on “Maxthon: The browser that rocks

  1. What makes it so special? I look at the product features and find out that it’s pretty much the same as Opera. I’ve been using Opera for a few years now, have tried Firefox, Mozilla, but went back to Opera. Anyway, am not going to try another browser as of now.

  2. I’ve not tried it, so I can’t say anything in favour or against. But, looking at the product features and trying the browser are two different things. Go ahead, try it. And whether you like it or not, you can blog about it. :-)

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