Steve Martin: The Man With Two Brains

Trevor Thompson (in The Simon Magazine) writes about Steve Martin in Steve Martin: The Man With Two Brains

Last weekend, Steve Martin hosted Saturday Night Live for a record 14th time. It was difficult to watch – not because it was bad, but because Martin is exhausting. I was dazed within moments of watching his opening skit, in which he races around the set of SNL in a frenzied attempting to prevent Alec Baldwin from appearing onstage. The man is like a mad dog. Watching him on TV, you can see the air crackling around him as he emits enough kilowatts of energy to power Manhattan for a week. He can’t sit still, he can’t keep quiet, his eyes sparkle with a manic gleam to entertain, entertain, entertain…

After so many years in the business, he continues to be tremendously popular. His movies have earned over $1.4 billion collectively. This Friday his newest movie, a remake of The Pink Panther (he co-wrote the screenplay) opens nationwide. At 61, Martin is one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.

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