Links for 3 Mar 2006

Dasu Krishnamoorty for Remember the dead of the Radhabai Chawl?

The media campaigned on Best Bakery and will do so for Jessica Lal. But why did it not pursue acquittals in the Radhabai chawl case as doggedly?

Neha writes that Pakistan censors bloggers

Over the last two days, blogspot blogs (running on Blogger) seem to be blocked in Pakistan. More bloggers are confirming this as it appears to have been blocked by all ISPs in Pakistan. Shirazi has some ways to bypass the ISPs banning access to Blogspot.

Shree Padre (India Together) writes about extracting water using man-made caves :

The western ghats region is not one that has any dearth of rainfall, and yet there many areas with considerable water scarcity. Kasaragod district in Kerala, for instance, enjoys an annual rainfall of 3500 mm — this is 14 million litres (1.4 crore) of rainwater falling on an acre of land. Still, one block in Kasaragod is designated as a black zone. In this region, a traditional water extracting system called suranga – man-made caves for water — has survived the test of time.


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