Get productive: read 43 Folders

I’ve been late on catching up on reading Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders , which is a great site for tips on how to become more productive. Check these posts out if you don’t believe me.

Nine tips for running more productive meetings

Circulate an agenda – An agenda should show the planned steps that get the meeting from “here” to “there.” It helps the participants prepare appropriately and anticipate the kind of information they might need to produce. Most importantly, it works as a contract with the participants: ‘here’s why this is a great use of your time for n minutes.’

Things to carry (or useful lists) : Like he says, useful lists of things to carry.

Becoming an email ninja

Here are a few of my favorite (and the site’s most popular) posts on that heated topic of email — how to better deal with email as a recipient, and how to improve the lives of others as a better sender. Email is a subject that invigorates (and occasionally infuriates) me, so get ready for plenty more in the future. But if you’re one of the seemingly innumerable people who’s snowed under by email or unsure how to deal with it at a responsible level, flip through a few of these oldies, and see if any ideas jump out at you.

Solve problems by writing a note to yourself

I realize this sounds kind of silly, but the next time you’re having trouble figuring something out, try writing a note to yourself.

Seriously, open up your email program, type in your own email address, then choose a brilliant subject line that perfectly encapsulates your particular problem.

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